by Taylor Whitney

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Photoshop Phun

As a graphic designer Adobe Photoshop is a key tool in the industry. So skills in the program are pretty much a necessity. I’m always looking to expand my abilities so I decided to have some fun and see what I could create using some new found techniques, and some discovered along the way. What do you think? Any tips or suggestions are welcome. The original photo was me and my friend fooling around. Click on the manipulated one to view full-sized.





What do you think it would sound like it dogs wrote poems? Probably something like…

Roses are grey,

violets are grey,

I can’t see colors,

and I don’t understand syntax or how to rhyme


Threadless Tattoo Challenge

So I entered another Threadless challenge. This one was to design a temp tattoo that they will give out to everyone at their annual “family reunion.” It would be totally sweet if you went here¬†and voted it high so I could take the gold. Thanks! Also let me know what yo think!


Quick add-on: I made another design for this competition, check it out, and as with the last one, high scores are always welcome!