by Taylor Whitney

Archive for January, 2012


As of this new year I have started up the workout routine P90X again. I tried it last summer but after I was 5 weeks into it I started working full time and felt as though I didn’t have enough time for both. Now I am attempting to do the workout in addition to work. It feels good to start it up again.

I highly recommend P90X to anyone who is serious about getting into shape. There are three different types of programs: Classic, Doubles, and Lean. I am doing classic, which is 60-120 minutes of exercise a day. Doubles is twice that amount, and Lean focuses more on losing weight and uses a lot more cardio than weight lifting. The program targets different parts of the body each day as well as different styles of fitness such as yoga, and kenpo (a type of martial arts). This wide range of activities does a good job in rounding out your over all body fitness.

This isn’t a body building program. So if you want gigantic muscles try something else. You will definitely gain muscle mass, but this is geared more toward athletes so it will be hard, lean muscle. It also includes a diet plan to use if you want to.

So if you lead an active lifestyle and would like to up your game and try something new this year I recommend P90X.