by Taylor Whitney


Design in the Real World

*blows the dust off Thought Munch*

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here, and there have been
changes in my life. One big change is that I am currently working for
Auntie Anne’s Inc. as a (temporary) graphic designer. I started out as
an intern and when the assistant designer went on maternity leave I
was promoted to take over her position until the end of the year. I’m
really liking it here, and it would be nice if I could get hired full
time, but all the positions are filled right now so I’m not counting
on it.

The point of bringing this up is that a project I recently did for
Auntie Anne’s became my most wide-spread artwork so far in my life, and
I’d like to toot my own horn about it.

This project was to create a paper icon that people can purchase with a $1 donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The bottom portion is a tear-off coupon for $1 off their next AA purchase, and they can sign the banner around the lemon and an AA employee will hang it up on the store walls.


Now to be fair this isn’t an incredible piece of design work. It’s pretty simple and could probably be improved upon. The reason I’m sharing this with you though is just to take some pride in how many people have seen and interacted with something I designed. Not that the design had much to do with it – this campaign was in the works before I even started working for AA. But I still think it’s pretty cool. Here are a couple pictures of the icon being displayed in stores. It’s even been on the “Good Morning Arizona” television program. You can see the clip here.



So, if you see this little piece of paper at your local Auntie Anne’s store, think of me.




WWII ‘shopping

I wanted to try my hand at creating a vintage-looking picture so I swiped this one of my brother and sister at a WWII memorial dance, added a background, and went at it. Let me know what you think.

Oh, and a bit of irony for the day – for a little extra flare I added the date that WWII ended to the bottom corner and realized it was today, Sept. 2nd, 66 years ago. What are the chances?

Credit for the vintage texture goes to Deviant Artist Elliot Cash.

Mac-Man: Devouring the competition since 1984

Just an idea I had so I decided to turn it into a wallpaper to show my allegiance. Feel free to use it if you like it. As usual, click for larger/better view.


Wolverine could totally beat batman in a fight.

Erm… did I just blog that outloud?

Well now that I’m here, here’s a totally sweet picture to go with it.

Is it two Batmen or one Wolverine? This mind-blower was created by the awesome artist, Olly Moss. Click on the illustration to get to his website.

It just goes to prove that it takes two Batmen to equal one Wolverine. I rest my case.